U.D.O. "Thunderball" '2004 Lyrics

1. Thunderball
2. The Arbiter
3. Pull The Trigger
4. Fistful Of Anger
5. The Land Of The Midnight Sun
6. Hell Bites Back
7. Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
8. The Bullet And The Bomb
9. The Magic Mirror
10. Tough Luck II
11. Blind Eyes


I ate the moon for breakfast I had the sun for tea I opened up the papers And drank the oval sea I beat the holy armies I claim my own terrain And cauterised my pain I'll live my dreams - and I'll have it all All in the day and the night Time after time - I never go wrong Watch out - you better hold tight Ride the thunderball The thunderball Ride the thunderball The thunderball I walked upon the desert And scaled the mountains high Gave water to the rivers And painted up the sky I've played with all the planets Took life away from Mars And all my magic power Gave light to all the stars Ride the thunderball The thunderball - read the book of lies Ride the thunderball The thunderball - the shock of life Ride the thunderball The thunderball - do you believe Ride the thunderball The thunderball - have the ride of your life Ride the thunderball The thunderball - believe in lies Ride the thunderball The thunderball - between the lines

The Arbiter

We lie and cheat the game Corruption's everywhere We try to buy our justice Lies are hard to beat When our days are over Cross the great divide The final day is coming He knows wrong from right Cut out the way it has been done Just keep the fear inside Nowhere to hide nowhere to run Your life is on the line Take the word of the arbiter He always gets it right Take the word of the arbiter If it's left or if it's right With him there's no objection You can't have a deal The word he says is final Punishment's for real Talking - never moves You hear it in your head Body shaken terror And he cuts you dead Take the word of the arbiter His word s always right Take the word of the arbiter Nothing left and nothing right

Pull The Trigger

Call up the guns Beat on the drums Join the hell Grey magazines Evil machines Zero two ten Eighty-eight millimetre mortal rounds AK 47's make a hell of a sound Rolling thunder's gonna get the better of you If you wanna get ahead and win the hearts and minds You gotta pull - pull - pull - pull the trigger Fire your guns You gotta pull - pull - pull - pull the trigger Fire your guns Pick up the phone Start up the drones Radio base Head outta town On enemy ground Nothing to tell Chain of command News on demand Security leaks Innocent lives Desperate lies Deny all reports

Fistful Of Anger

Terror from the tower Panic in the streets A gun full of surprises The special of the week The wailing of the sirens Multiple alarms The screaming of the bullhorns God bless the right to arm The finger on the trigger The target in the sights And you will remember Death comes day or right I got a fistful of anger A head full of pain Belt full of bullets Switchblade insane My shelter on the rooftop Up there in the blue I hear a voice inside me And who the fuck are you

The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Enter the land of the iceman A place where the sun never sets Where the vains of the land are strong and crystal clear Under the spell of darkness The roots of the land grow deep And the sight of the eagle soaring on the wing Eternal nation - for evermore A proud creation - what we're fighting for When you're riding the sky so high Immortal, wild and free Cast your eyes to the far and near Over oceans never seen When you're riding the sky so high Your glory will be done And your hearts are open wide In the land of the midnight sun The whispering sound of the mountains The howling of the seas If you listen very closely you will hear Stand by the stones of the shadows In a kingdom cold and white Where the halls of the Gods are lit by a million suns

Hell Bites Back

Hell bites back Hell bites back You'll do the time And that's a fact Your lesson has begun No prison life Can offer back You gotta walk the line to come Now comes the time when the payment is due Now it's the time to go on I know that Hell bites back Hell bites back It may be right It may be wrong When they close your door You'll hate the day And fear the night You gave the finger to the law Never surrender - cover your back Nothing to stop a stab in the back Never give in - never give out Better be good - never get out

Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)

[Cyrillic Win-1351 encoding] Ïîåçä ïî Ðîññèè - èä¸ò è èä¸ò Ïîåçä ïî Ðîññèè - ñòî ãðàìì è âïåð¸ä Ïåðåñòóê êîë¸ñ - íåîáüÿòíà äàëü Ïîåçä íàñ óí¸ñ - ê íà÷àëó âñåõ íà÷àë Here I tell my story Believe what I have seen And nothing had prepared us The welcome we received Coming back from Kazakhstan The gear has not arrived The fans geared up and ready We rocked them for their lives With Igor and with Fitty Naked in the car Shouting at each other Who the fuck's the Tsar Swetlana was a darling Her face will never fade She made Lorenzo happy Showed him the Russian way And our crew was blinded A challenge they did raise The Russian guys were ready And won the vodka race When drinking with the pilots A Southern Comfort round Then Stefan's fear of flying Came crashing to the ground Parading for their victory Army, Air and Corps Looking up the building Where Udo was the star And when the tour is over We're never quite the same Already miss our comrades Until we meet again

The Bullet And The Bomb

Mortui te salutant Mortui te salutant In days gone by - the Chinese man As wise as he was old Did formulate the concentrate The world would now explode The cannonball - the rifle shot The forces we unfold We devastate and terminate A triumph - we are told Who can tell - break the spell Reign in hell - when you're messing with The bullet and the bomb The bullet and the bomb The race was on - the will to kill When science joined the game Unmerciful and finally It all became insane In forty-five - catastrophe In Oppenheimer's mind And man did see the universe Atomically collide

The Magic Mirror

God have the Ten Commandments Moses passed them all A look at Jesus' blessings The sun belonged to Ra Nero played with fire Caesar was a laugh The beauty Cleopatra Ramses had it all Drunk a skull with Odin And rode with Ghingis Khan Saw Attila, the great one The Alps with Hannibal Merlin and King Asrthur A feast with Robin Hood Friends with Leonardo Columbus and the plot With empires arising And holy nations fall The magic mirror shows you Kings and Queens and all Just take a look in the magic mirror Don't turn around at what you see Just take a look in the magic mirror You're gonna see what you may be Luther nailed our destiny Beethoven wrote the scores Napoleon and his triumph Rasputin and the Tsar Imagine our history Without those famous names It makes the world remember That life is not in vain

Tough Luck II

Stop messing with my insides I'm out of control I always end up feeling I'm digging my hole You always came a-knocking Shouting your rights You've taken it all Now it's my turn to fight We always played this game Overshadowed my mind No more these crazy ways You're finished this time Tough luck - you did all for nothing Keep your hate inside Tough luck - you did all the running A mean destructive mind How does it feel to be lonely And screaming for help I know you're so restless Not a slip of your mask A world without fear I'm thankfully free Now nothing to stop For me being me My turn to play the game I'm free in my mind You've had your freedom-days But now I've got mine

Blind Eyes

Nothing - is easy Don't play the part of the fool Told me - didn't listen I know I played it too cool This is how I should be Turn the key and be free A turn around - don't play the game Better off you will be Don't walk around with your blind eyes This game is over to me Don't walk around with your blind eyes It's so important to see Wanting - needing It was hard - it was real Maybe - sometime You'll get back what you need

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