U.D.O. "Dominator" '2009 Lyrics

The Bogeyman
Black And White
Heavy Metal Heaven
Doom Ride
Stillness Of Time
Devil's Rendezvous
Bleeding Heart *
Pleasure In The Darkroom **
Speed Demon
Whispers In The Dark

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The Bogeyman
Black And White
Whispers In The Dark
Heavy Metal Heaven
Speed Demon
Devil’s Rendezvous
Doom Ride
Stillness Of Time
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Bleeding Heart

The Bogeyman
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider / Kaufmann, Dirkschneider, Wienhold)

What’s That Shadow On The Wall
And Did You Hear That Noise
That Painful Sound Of Nails On Glass
The Trembling Of The Toys
The Whispers Of The Trees Outside
The Rustling Underneath
The Room It Seems To Come Alive
Very Hard To Breath
He Is The Bogeyman
He Lives Inside Your Head
He Is The Bogeyman
He Never Will Be Dead
Puts Your Mind Into Reverse
Your Heart Is Beating Fast
A Knocking At The Door Inside
The Time To Run Has Passed
Impossible For You To Scream
To Think Or Make A Cry
The Grip, The Heat All Over You
Eternal For A While
Don’t You Mess – Go Straight To Bed
Don’t Tell Your Mum And Dad
He Can Perceive You – Will Deceive You
If You’re Good Or Bad
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

Holding Off – The Perpetrator
Gaming After Midnight
Surging Through – The Black Arena
Executing Eyes
Tensioning – The Razor Wire
Pounding Over Mines
Power Up – The Laser Fire
Penalty Of Crimes
I’m Hot – He’s Not
I’ve Got – To Stop
Make – It Out
Sick Sensation For The Nation
Screaming For The Thrill
Dominator – Dominator
Entertaining Total Gaming
Longing For The Kill
Dominator – Dominator
Singular – And Uncorrosive
Crowd Is Going Wild
Has No Need – For Reinforcements
Crazy Creature’s Child
Crashing To – The Outer Limits
Back Against The Wall
Targeting – The Freedom Gate
Impossible To Score
Black And White
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

Eyes Of Fire – Heart Of Ice
Angel Dreams – Devil’s Vice
Said The Spider To The Fly
One More Move And You Will Die
Hard And Mean – Cold Desire
You’re The One To Give Me Light
You Don’t Even Whet My Appetite
Black And White – Black And White
Black And White – Black And White
Heaven Sent – Kiss And Tell
Hallowed Soul – Gone To Hell
What It Takes I’ll Make You Mine
Then You’ll Be Broken For Some Time
Sacred Throne – Hard As Stone
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Lose Your Soul
‘Cause You’ve Been Framed
You’ve Got The Devil In Your Eye
See The Viper And You Kiss Good-Bye
Whispers In The Dark
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider / Kaufmann, Dirkschneider, Wienhold)

The Silent Times – They Are The Worst
So Still And Unforgiving
You’re All Alone – You Fear The Words
The End And The Beginning
They’re Calling You – They Call Your Name
And Then You’ve Got To Answer
Is Nowhere Safe – No Way To Hide
Beware The Devil’s Chancer
Inside The Spark Of Pestilence
Is Hiding In Us All
And When You Hear The Evil Words
You’re Ready To Be Called
Here They Come – Have Their Fun – Twisting Minds
Whispers In The Dark
So Beware – Just Take Care
Whispers In The Dark
A Look That Kills – A Breath That Hates
Takes Over On The Inside
A Game That Thrills – The Open Gate
To Hell And Back – A Joyride
A Visit To The Underworld
An Easy Way To Fool You
And When You Don’t Know Where To Go
A Wrong Turn And They’ll Doom You
(Kaufmann / Dirkschneider)

The Crimson Tide Of Speeding
And Viruses Proceeding
We’ll Have Our Finest Hour
With Danger Everywhere
The Blood Comes Up To Boiling
Injection Guns Recoiling
Instrumental Power
Shockwaves In The Air
And When You’re Feeling Craziness
And Climbing Up The Walls
It’s Just The Metal Parasite
And Then You Are …….
Infected – Infected By The Seed
Infected – This Is What You Need
Infected – Infected One And All
Infected – Be Ready For The Call
Through The Veins It’s Crawling
And Zombie Time Is Dawning
Like A Mental Breaker
Head Bombs Crashing Down
We Can’t Be The Healers
We’re The Poison Dealers
The Maker And The Taker
Infected By The Sound
Heavy Metal Heaven
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

I Am Untouchable
I Am Invincible
I Am The Lord Of All The Visible
I Am The King Of Kings
So Touch My Iron Wings
I Am The Cure So Kiss My Metal Ring
So Hold Me High Up Unto The Sky
To A Heavy Metal Heaven
Through The Storm And Sea
I Will Set You Free
With An Ever Burning Heart
My Golden Crown
Never Let You Down
You’re In Heavy Metal Heaven
With A Screaming Sound
We Shout Aloud
You Will Rise Up To The Stars
You Have To Feed Me Now
You Have To Heed Me Now
You Have To Hail Me –
Bow Your Head To Vow
I’ve Got An Eye On You
An Iron Sign On You
I Am The Metal God That’s Over You
Speed Demon
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

Manifold Is Boiling
Exhausts Are Spitting Flames
Miles Of Cubic Inches
And Petrol In Their Veins
Fire In Their Bodies
Vibrations In The Air
Forbidden Rules Are Fingered
Danger – They Don’t Care
Zero To Destruction – Devastation Calls
Crash Annihilation – Hell And Fire Roar
Headlights Screaming Carnage – Synchronicity
Metal Cage Corrosified – His Reality
Out Of All Control He Is
The Speed Demon
Speed Demon – Ready For The Race
Maximise The Traction For
The Speed Demon
Speed Demon – He Will Choose The Ace
Red Zone Revolutions
Millions Of Octane
Faster Is The Master
Disaster Is His Name
Chequered Flags Are Lowered
Overdriven Speed
Nothing For The Coward
It’s All You Ever Need
Devil’s Rendezvous
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

I Walked On Through The Hallway
Turned Right To Purgatory
An Angel Of The Darkness
Invited Me To Stay
I Had My Invitation
Not Knowing What To Dov And This Is What Had Happened
At The Devil’s Rendezvous
At The Devil’s – The Devil’s –
The Devil’s Rendezvous
At The Devil’s – The Devil’s –
The Devil’s Rendezvous
The Nasty Girls Were Dancing
Eternally Aflame
A Thousand Eyes Were Watching
And Played The Devil’s Game
And Bones On The Piano
Shattered By The Booze
And This Is What You’re Up To
At The Devil’s Rendezvous
At The Devil’s – The Devil’s –
The Devil’s Rendezvous
At The Devil’s – The Devil’s –
The Devil’s Rendezvous
You Got Cheap Red Whine And
A Lot Of Time
Whisky And Cigars
In The Dim Red Light There’s
A Ball Tonight
At The Devil’s Dancing Bar
Do Not Begin To Like It
You’re Better Of Without
Your Final Rest Created
That’s What It’s All About
The Cards Are Stacked Against You
The Words Are Never True
There Might Be No Returning
From The Devil’s Rendezvous
Doom Ride
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

Triggering The Resonator
When He Passes By
Who Will Be The Detonator
And Be Blown Sky High
Thousand Tons Of Synergy
Flaming Torching Tracks
Pumping High Adrenalin
The Throttle At The Max
No Refund Of The Entrance Price
No Help In Turning Back
If You Agree – You’re In The Game
You’re Open To Attack
You’re On The Doom Ride
Stage Fright – Doom Ride
A One Way Ticket On The
Doom Ride – Hell Sight
Doom Ride – Your Chance Of
No Return
Carve The Names In Memory
High Scores On The Board
Unaware Participants
Robocycle Lord
Infernal Iron Beast Machine
A Piston For A Heart
Red-Hot Boiling Energy
Tearing You Apart
Stillness Of Time
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

The Wind It Turns Away
Gives Me A Chance To Have My Say
And My Tears That Fall
Are Broken By The Raging Storm
No Stone’s Been Left Unturned
In The Castle Of The Legions
Not A Soul That’s Not Been Burned
In The Elemental Regions
A Drop In The Ocean
A Star In The Sky
A Leaf In The Forest
A Grain In The Wild
A Cloud In The Heavens
A Moment In Life
That You Wanna Capture
In Stillness Of Time
The Silent Breath Of Night
Is Turned By Early Morning Light
Here And There A Call
A Spirit Feeds Your Desperate Soul
Silver Rain That Falls
And Mighty Waves – The Seasons
Golden Skylight Calls
And Dream A Million Reasons
Pleasure In The Darkroom
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

Chilling Satisfaction
Hard On Guaranteed
Membership And Bonus
Fresh Meat Factory
Bony, Wet And Fingered
Fisting Not Denied
Rubber, Oil And Bastards
Cruising In The Night
Good And Evil – No Retreating
It’s A Mental War
Lust And Power – Pay By Hour
Fuck The Bloody Law
Pleasure In The Darkroom
A Treasure You Will Find
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Sweat Runs Down The Spine
New Flesh In The Dungeon
Razed Alive And Raw
Skill And Virtuosity
Screaming Out For More
Ménage Extravaganza
Dirty Privacy
Alive Or Dead Or Animal
Nothing Comes For Freev Good And Evil, …
Pleasure In The Darkroom, …
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Pay The Bloody Whore
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Screaming Out For More
Bleeding Heart
(Kaufmann, Dirkschneider)

My Bleeding Heart
No Way They’re Gonna Take
All That Away From Me
My Bleeding Heart
No Way Are They Gonna Try
It Screams For Right And Justice
It Screams For Us To See
The World Is Our Party
It’s There For You And Me
So Listen To Our Story
And You Will Understand
The Way Leads Us To Glory
Together Hand In Hand
My Bleeding Heart …
Stand Up And Be Honoured
And Join The Company
Raising Up The Colours
To Be All We Can Be
We Are All Together
Together We Are One
Longing For The Future
The Party’s Just Begun
Get Up And Fight
We’re Gonna Do It Right
Get Up And Scream
And Shout It Out For Real
My Bleeding Heart …
My Bleeding Heart
And It’s Always Gonna Be A Part Of Me
My Bleeding Heart
Only Way It’s Gonna Be

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